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Refund Transfers – An Affordable, Convenient and Popular Financial Product

“[F]or those who lack a bank account, and/or would receive a paper check, [a Refund Transfer] may speed up receipt of [a federal income tax] refund by up to six weeks.”1 Every year, millions of American taxpayers choose to receive … Continue reading

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Allowing Taxpayers to “Split” Their Refunds Is “Fraught With Danger”

Earlier this year, a collection of “consumer groups” urged IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman to support their proposal to allow taxpayers to “split” their federal income tax refunds by directing the IRS to electronically transmit a portion of a taxpayer’s refund … Continue reading

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Treasury’s Prepaid Debit Cards: Bad for the market, bad for taxpayers

The Issue: In January, the US Treasury Department stepped into the shoes of the private sector, launching a pilot program to provide up to 600,000 low-income taxpayers a method for obtaining their federal income tax refund on a prepaid debit … Continue reading

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